• Lake Mary police helping businesses stay secure


    LAKE MARY, Fla. - Lake Mary businesses looking to step up security and better equip workers to handle emergencies are reaching out to Lake Mary police.

    Police are reviewing security measures and then telling businesses what works and what doesn't.

    Lake Mary police said because of recent headline-making tragedies, the businesses want to get security surveys done to make sure they're safe.

    Officer Zach Hudson showed Channel 9 what police look for during security surveys at a city-owned building. He said most businesses have no security plan whatsoever.

    "Doors like this are easily breached; there's no safety glass in that door," Hudson said.

    Then he reviewed the door lock.

    "If you have a lock like this, it's very easy to punch that lock. If you put a screwdriver in it and you hit it with a hammer, it's going to fall apart. The preference would be to have one here and then one up high in this particular place."

    Hudson took a look at the lighting.

    "The more lighting you have, the harder it will be for bad guys to go unnoticed," Hudson said.

    Hudson said once officers complete their security assessment, they put everything together and write it up, looking at every aspect of what they do.

    Police have conducted surveys for a number of businesses like financial institutions and schools. Since their security information is secret, police said they couldn't discuss details.

    The department has offered the free security surveys for about five years, but says demand for the help has skyrocketed recently.

    Police also helped businesses come up with a color-coded emergency system, like associating a fire emergency with "code red."

    When workers hear "code red" over loudspeakers or see it in a text, they know how to respond.

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