Legally blind woman to gather signatures against Lynx bus route changes



LAKE MARY, Fla. - A Lake Mary woman who lost her sight said she wants to make sure her bus route is not affected by SunRail.

In April, Lynx is changing nearly two dozen bus routes in Seminole and Orange counties to get riders to SunRail stations.

But Jonelle Tadlock said she believes the changes will leave longtime bus riders stranded.

The two buses that are going to be affected by the service changes are Link 34 and 46e.

The routes are expected to change in April.

Tadlock told WFTV if the bus no longer comes to her stop, she's not going to be able to shop at Walmart.

Tadlock walks a mile to the bus stop three to four times a week.

She couldn't even drive even if she wanted to because she is legally blind and her options are limited.

"There are enough maniacs. They don't need me on the road," she said.

She said it will make it more difficult to get to grocery stores and doctor's appointments because some of her stops are getting moved around, and SunRail cannot get her there.

"But I doubt very seriously if I'm going to use it. Period," she said.

Tadlock said she has a notebook that she is going to try to fill with signatures by the time Lynx starts holding public hearings.

"And let them know that these people need the bus just as much as I do," she said.

Tadlock said she hopes Lynx takes all the signatures into consideration before finalizing plans or else she is going to have to rely on others for a ride.

"You county commissioners can drive. You get around. Do you want us to call you and we say, 'Hey, we have a doctor's appointment. You come and take us today?'" said Tadlock.

Before Lynx can change the nearly two dozen routes, it needs to hold a number of public hearings. The first one is set for next Tuesday.