Letters from teens who committed suicide, allegedly killed officer released



WINDERMERE, Fla. - Letters that two teens wrote to each other and to their families before committing suicide and allegedly killing a Windermere police officer were released Tuesday.

Officer Robert German stopped teenagers Brandon Goode, 18, and Alexandria Hollinghurst, 17, in the area to question them early Saturday. The two were apparently suicidal and were found dead shortly after the 31-year-old officer was fatally shot.

WFTV found out on Monday that investigators in Polk County obtained suicide notes from each of the teenagers last week.

"They were entered into the system so if someone ran their names they would see they were missing, endangered and suicidal out of Polk County," said Watrel.

The morning before the shootings, Goode's mother found his suicide note at her Davenport home.

In the note, Goode apologizes and asks his family not to be sad, writing, "I get to die peacefully with the woman I love, the woman of my dreams, my fiancé."

About 45 minutes later, authorities started searching for the teens.

Police checked the home of Goode's father in Windermere, without any luck.

An hour passed and Kissimmee police located the teens at a Walgreens.

When the officer approached, Goode hit the gas and sped off.

The officer radioed dispatch to issue a "be on the lookout" for the two teens.

The radio transmission was also released Tuesday.

Radio transmission: "We're not following the car. He took off. I got his ID. I'll call the detective. Just BOLO the county and everybody. They're supposedly suicidal. They left a note. I'll call the detective from Polk County back."

Police did not pursue the teens, but a warrant was issued for their arrest for fleeing the traffic stop.

The pair ditched their vehicle at a bank in Kissimmee before heading to Windermere where they each committed suicide, after killing German, according to officials.

Later that evening, Hollinghurst's parents found an angry handwritten note to her mother, saying she wished she was never born.

Goode wrote a note to Hollinghurst that her parents found, saying he planned to steal a boat so they could sail to Panama.

WFTV found out that German was well aware that two suicidal teens were on the run.

But as he questioned them, gunfire rang out and ultimately all three were found dead.

Goode's father told WFTV he's planning to make a public statement regarding his son's actions in the near future.

German's funeral is set for Thursday.

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