Lightning, dry brush blamed for 6 blazes in Volusia County



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Firefighters were busy in Volusia County on Monday, having to rush to about six blazes that broke out one after another.

Within a 30-minute span, about a half-dozen fires ignited on the east side of Volusia County. Firefighters attributed the blazes to the combination of lightning strikes and dry brush.

Flames in a patch of pine woods burned even as the rain came down in Ormond Beach. A quick storm created an entire afternoon of work for firefighters and the Division of Forestry.

One of the fires burned yards from a store on Williamson Boulevard in Ormond Beach.

Most of the fires were between 1 and 3 acres in size, crews said.

Some were more difficult to fight than others, one of the more difficult being behind Vince Carter's restaurant on LPGA Boulevard. Firefighters also put out a fire on the Indigo Lakes Golf Course.

There were no injuries, and no buildings were seriously in danger.