• SUV crashes into stopped Lynx bus as passenger steps off


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An SUV crashed into a stopped Lynx bus that was letting a passenger off Friday, authorities said.

    "We were hit. The lady just tucked and rolled. She didn't, we didn't know it was coming," said passenger Gennie Jones.

    Thirteen people were hospitalized, including two people in the SUV.

    Passengers said about 30 people were on board at the time of the crash.

    "It was pretty hard. All of us that were sitting normal almost went into the seat in front of us. It was that bad," said Jones.

    Troopers said the driver of the SUV was turning right off of Mercy Drive and did not see the bus before crashing into it.

    "He was coming off of Mercy and taking a right, so don't know if that played a factor into his visual being able to see the bus," said Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol.

    The driver of the SUV, Shane Barton, 36, was hospitalized in serious condition.

    "The bus went forward probably about 5 feet. The driver even got hurt," said Jones.

    FHP said Barton was ticketed for careless driving.

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