• Lynx flex bus stops proposed in Seminole Co.


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Lynx is planning to install a new on-demand bus system to get people to and from SunRail stops in Longwood, Altamonte Springs and Maitland.

    "I definitely would use it. As a teenager getting out of my grandparents' house, um – gas is expensive, so anything to help with that really," said Casselberry resident Nick Gallop.

    Lynx is planning for 26 flex-bus stops in neighborhoods, shopping centers and business parks within one-third mile of a SunRail stop.

    Ideally, commuters would walk to the flex bus and catch a ride to the train station, but we spoke to half a dozen people in the Casselberry area and not one said they would ride the flex bus.

    WFTV also learned, there's no other program like flex bus in the country and Lynx is still studying whether the plan would work.

    Casselberry, which doesn't have a SunRail stop, is already committed to the plan.

    Maitland is expected to approve it Monday night.

    Those cities, along with Altamonte Springs and Longwood, would need to come up with $775,000 in taxpayer money -- a gamble some said is worth it. "What it does, I think, is enhances this area and allows others to commute so it's actually bringing the access to the rail so I think it's a really good opportunity," said Casselberry shopper Rick Fosa.

    SunRail commuters will be able to drive to any of the train stations, but parking will be limited. Each station will have an average of 280 parking spots.

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