• Maitland leaders unhappy drivers using city as shortcut to I-4


    MAITLAND, Fla. - City leaders in Maitland aren't happy about drivers who are cutting through Maitland to get to Interstate-4, so they're reducing lanes to funnel drivers onto US-1792.

    Channel 9's Deneige Broom talked to business owners who are concerned about the efforts, which will make it harder for drivers to reach local businesses.

     "No left turn" signs have been popping up all over Horatio Avenue. The city said it's part of its plan, but business owners are getting frustrated.

    "They've restricted access to the building here and to the Publix behind us," said business owner Rusty Altizer.

    Altizer said the turning restrictions means people won't want to drive the several blocks to make a U-turn just to get to his business.

    "I foresee this entire block being vacant," he said.

    The city wants to make all of eastbound Horatio Avenue one lane with no left turns.

    City officials said almost half of the traffic in that area comes from people using Maitland and Horatio avenues to get to and from I-4.

    Another part of the plan is to reduce the lanes on Maitland Avenue from four to two to discourage the cut through.

    They'd also like to add parking on the street.

    Scott Thomas' business would be caught in the middle of that facelift.

    "It could be good long term," he said. "It's going to be painful to get to that."

    The Maitland Avenue project has to be approved by the county before the city can move forward with it.

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