Half-naked man accused of attacking woman in laundry room



A 60-year-old half-naked Orlando man accused of attacking a woman in an apartment complex laundry room is free on $2,500 bail Tuesday.

Police arrested Steven Shepard after they said he attacked a woman in at the Charter Point apartments in Altamonte Springs.

Authorities said the woman was picking up a load of laundry at about 4 a.m. in the complex's laundry room when Shepard burst through the door, forced her to the ground and demanded that she perform sexual acts on him.

The victim told police Shepard was only wearing her T-shirt that he stole from the dryer.  Police said the she screamed and Shepard took off, and the victim called police.

According to a report, when officers arrived at the scene, Shepard grabbed a pair of jeans and ran away, but the officers were able to grab him before he escaped.

Police said when they arrested Shepard he was wearing eyeliner, jeans, and not much else. Shepard told the officer he was wearing eyeliner because he's a cross dresser and that he was just digging through the trash, according to police.

WFTV went by Shepard's apartment on Tuesday. The man who answered the door appeared to be Shepard, but refused to answer any questions.

Shepard is charged with kidnapping, sexual battery, and indecent exposure among other charges.

His first court appearance is next month.