• Man accused of trying to buy gun with fake law enforcement ID


    A Volusia County man is accused of trying to use a fake law enforcement identification card to buy a gun.

    State investigators arrested David Garrity last week when he went back to the Gander Mountain in Seminole County to pick up his new weapon.

    Garrity allegedly wanted to buy a gun immediately on Tuesday but was told that he had to wait until Friday to pick up the weapon, which is when law enforcement was waiting for him.

    State law requires consumers without concealed weapons permits to wait three days to buy a handgun so their credentials can be verified, but that waiting period is waived for current law enforcement and retired cops with a concealed weapons permit.

    Investigators said Garrity knew the rules and flashed fakes of both, including a badge, hoping to skirt the system.

    Managers in the store spotted the fake documents and told Garrity he'd have to wait three days to get the gun. When he returned, authorities arrested him.

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