• Man accused of attempted sexual assault, stabbing of 65-year-old Ocala woman


    OCALA, Fla. - A man was arrested after attempting to sexually assault, and then stab a 65-year-old Ocala woman, police said.

    Ocala police said Lonnie David Todd, 51, entered the woman's home and demanded money Tuesday morning.
    According to police, Todd then forced her into a bedroom and attempted to rape her.

    Police said the woman was able to fight back, and that is when Todd stabbed her in the chest.
    According to police, Todd then fled.

    The woman was able to pick Todd out of a photographic lineup Wednesday and police took him into custody in Fort McCoy, Fla.

    Police said Todd is charged with attempted felony murder, home invasion robbery with a deadly weapon and attempted sexual battery with a deadly weapon.

    Todd served 20 years in the Florida Department of Corrections of sexual battery on a person under 12, and was released from prison in June, police said.

    Officers said Todd failed to register with the Marion County Sheriff's Office after his release from prison, and that a warrant had been issued for his arrest on Dec. 3 for failure to comply with sexual offender requirements.

    "He left the county. He came back and just decided to go on with his life without registering. He 'knew' that he was supposed to register where he lived with the Marion County Sheriff's Office," Judge Cochran with the Marion County Sheriff's Office said.

    Police did not release the woman's condition.

    They said Todd denied the charges.

    "It made me feel a lot better already. Don't know if that guy was still sneaking around. I want that house. Now that we know he's locked up, we don't have to worry about him no more," neighbor Jack Stalbaum said.

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