• Man arrested after agents raid Daytona Beach synthetic marijuana lab


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Federal agents raided what they call a synthetic marijuana lab in Daytona Beach and arrested the man who's accused of running the operation.

    Investigators said the operation was being run inside of a former post office building on Center Street.

    Investigators said the man behind the lab, Ilan Fedida, may have been making the drug for years.

    Synthetic marijuana, often called K-2, is a drug that's smoked and gives a similar high to THC, found in marijuana.

    Investigators said the chemicals typically come from China in a powdered form.

    Then, the powder is mixed with acetone and is then sprayed on a leafy substance that can be smoked like marijuana.

    Rene Mencia and other neighbors watched as police raided the former post office building over the weekend.

    "They were there most of the night until like three in the morning," said witness Rene Mencia.

    According to the criminal complaint, Fedida admitted that making synthetic pot was his only source of income over a three year period. And he bragged to a police informant about having millions of dollars, according to the report.

    A woman at Fedida's home wouldn't open the door when WFTV stopped by.

    But inside, agents said they found more than $100,000 in cash, and in the driveway WFTV saw the blue minivan agents said Fedida used to transport his product.

    Investigators said he packaged the drug and sold it to gas station distributors.

    People who live near the old post office said they noticed people working in the building around the clock.

    "All my neighbors and me were just curious what that building was all about," said Mencia.

    Fedida remains at the Orange County Jail without bond at least until his detention hearing in federal court next week.

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