• Man in custody after multiple calls to 911 about parachuting astronauts


    PALM BAY, Fla. - Palm Bay police are using the Baker Act to keep a man who repeatedly called 911 this weekend in custody.

    In a series of rambling and paranoid 911 calls that began early Friday morning, 32-year-old Darwell White tells operators that his home is under attack.

    "I can see, I can hear them," White said on one of the calls. "I know there's people. I know who it is. I know what's going down and this has got to stop!"

    White demands police officers respond quick because he is outnumbered.

    "They need to identify themselves when they approach me," he said. "I'm very, very jumpy. I'm very terrified."

    "OK, sir, You're not armed with anything are you? Hello?" the operator asked.

    It was right after that question went unanswered that Palm Bay police arrived at White's house and saw him standing behind a fence, wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a large-caliber handgun in a shoulder holster.

    Officers drew their guns as White spoke of astronauts who had parachuted in and were stuck in the trees behind his home.

    No one was injured, and police were able to subdue White.

    During their investigation, police said they confiscated 26 guns found scattered around the property.

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