• Man charged in Apopka slaying asks to be released from jail


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The mother of a slaying victim is not only fighting for justice for her son but to keep his alleged killer behind bars.
    On Monday, Keith Cannon's attorney was in an Orange County courtroom arguing for Cannon's release until his first-degree murder trial starts.
    Cannon was already let out of jail last year after the state failed to file formal charges in time.
    Even though detectives fingered Cannon in a recent homicide, he was released from jail in November.  Because formal charges weren't filed, prosecutors had to let him go.
    "Do you think the state made a mistake by letting him out of jail?" Channel 9's Anthony DiLorenzo asked Barbara Miles, whose son Terrious was slain.
    "Of course I think the state made a mistake by letting him out of jail," said Miles.
    Cannon was rearrested earlier this month after being indicted in connection with the death of Terrious Miles.
    The victim's mother said her safety was in jeopardy for two months.
    "Just like he murdered my son, he could do it to me," she said.
    Terrious Miles, 34, was shot and killed while leaving a card game in Apopka last April, according to investigators.
    "I want justice for my son," Barbara Miles said.
    Miles faults the state for letting Cannon go the first time. She said she doesn't want to see it happen again.
    "Mistakes that have been made have to be fixed," she said.
    But Cannon's attorney insisted his client has the right to be released and faulted the state for it.
    "The government had a time period to file charges when an arrest is made, otherwise someone can't be held on bond endlessly," said attorney Richard Zaleski.
    Judge Renee Roche said she will make a decision on Cannon's fate Friday.
    A second man, Gregory Anderson, is also facing murder charges.
    State prosecutors declined to comment for this story.

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