Man convicted of hitting, killing bicyclist sentenced to 2 years in prison



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - New video shows a driver admit he was behind the wheel during a deadly crash.

Anthony Moffa, 19, was recently convicted of hitting and killing a bicyclist last fall.

Forrest Flaniken, Jr was killed instantly.

Moffa will spend about two years in prison.

Moffa, 18 at the time, opened up to a complete stranger after he ran over Flaniken in Avalon Park in October of last year.

He was allegedly high on K2, a synthetic marijuana. A bystander recorded Moffa on his cellphone.

Eyewitness News got a copy of the video from the State Attorney's Office.

"And you were the one driving the car?" asked the bystander.

"Yes, sir," Moffa said.

The victim was riding in a bike lane on Avalon Park Boulevard when Moffa hit him and kept going. Bystanders stopped him from running away.

He pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter.

A DUI manslaughter charge was dropped.

He was sentenced to 2½ years in state prison.

Eyewitness News' legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said it appears Moffa was sentenced as a youthful offender.

In the hopes that the teen will leave prison and change, "It allows the judge to give a lighter sentence than what the law usually calls for," Sheaffer said.

"The youthful sentence statute really gives a young person a chance at rehabilitation for their first offense."

Once released Moffa will be on probation for 10 years. His driver's license is suspended for eight years.

A judge ordered him to complete 500 hours of community service.