Man indicted on charges he smuggled drugs through OIA



ORLANDO, Fla. - A man from the Dominican Republic was indicted by a federal grand jury after authorities said he was caught smuggling drugs into Orlando on a flight to Orlando International Airport.

Agents said Henry Guzman Martinez brought a stash of cocaine to Orlando on a JetBlue flight from Santo Domingo.

“Anybody that is dealing drugs, they need to get the stiffest penalty they have out for them,” said traveler Rollins Mohammed.

When a federal officer inspected Martinez’s bag, he found five brick-shaped packages inside. They allegedly contained coffee and 6 kilograms of cocaine.

Martinez's indictment marks the second time this week WFTV has reported on drugs being smuggled through OIA.

A man was arrested on charges that he smuggled more than 3 kilos of heroin inside his carry-on bag on a JetBlue flight.

His family was with him during transport.

A spokesperson with Homeland Security investigations couldn’t say if the smuggling problem is more rampant at OIA compared to other airports.

He said the government has groups of agents at major airports, like Orlando, to combat smuggling.

They work with state and local agencies to utilize specially trained dogs to find the drugs before they get off airport grounds.

The suspect told federal investigators that he was unemployed and lived in Puerto Rico.