Man says car was stolen from driveway, sold to scrap company



BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A Brevard County man called WFTV for help because someone had his car towed from his driveway and sold it to a scrap company.

When Kevin Fox got home from work, his car wasn't parked in his Cocoa driveway where his surveillance camera last showed it.

"My neighbor called me and said that a tow truck had arrived with another person who claimed that the car was his," he said.

In the surveillance video, a man pulled up next door to Fox's black Dodge Intrepid and greeted the tow truck driver. Investigators said the man then sold the car to the towing company, but he never presented the title to the tow truck driver.

"I mean the car is titled in my name. There's been no transfer," said Fox.

Within minutes, the tow truck driver broke the back window, and the car was quickly put on a truck and brought to Unwanted Cars Inc. in Rockledge.

"And I asked them, 'On what authority you had taken the car out of my driveway.' And he got all irate and got in the big fork lift," said Fox.

Fox took pictures as his car was dumped on the road. He said the owner of the scrap yard claims the man in the video had all the paperwork needed to get $350, but wouldn't show Fox the papers.

WFTV spoke to the owner, Tim Cornelius' wife Dana, who's listed on the business title. She said the scrap company doesn't need a title.

"We do that all the time, though, it's an affidavit thing that we do," she said.

WFTV checked with several tow companies who said they don't take a car from private property unless there is proof of ownership.

However, local law enforcement said the scrap yard may be able to get away with it with an affidavit, putting all blame on the thief who police are still trying to find.