• Man sentenced to death in Volusia roommate killing


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - An Edgewater man was sentenced to death row in the death of his roommate in 2009.

    Joseph Jordan was convicted of killing Keith Cope, who was found beaten and tied to a bed four days after a robbery.

    Cope slipped into a coma and died in a hospital bed.

    WFTV was there when Jordan hid his face from cameras after having his attorney ask the judge if he could skip the sentencing hearing.

    The judge denied that request, and forced Jordan to come to court and face his sentencing in person.

    Cope's family members were in the courtroom Monday for the hearing where the judge upheld the jury's wishes and sentenced Jordan to death.

    Cope's daughter, Emilee Cope, called Jordan a coward when reacting to his unwillingness to face his sentence or the cameras.

    "I'm not happy that they let him put the envelope over his face, but I'm glad they made him be present for the sentencing. For him to try to back out of that, I think, is just too much. Too much of what he wants and he shouldn't have a right to have anything he wants anymore," she said.

    Emilee Cope was just 15 years old when the crime occurred.

    She was by her father's bedside in the hospital as he slipped into a coma and later died.

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