• Man told to change or leave Planet Fitness after wearing anti-abortion shirts


    ORANGE CITY, Fla. - An Deltona man told Channel 9 his anti-abortion T-shirt got him kicked out of a Planet Fitness gym.

    Mike Amoroso, 70, has a collection of anti-abortion shirts and said he's passionate about the issue.

    But after someone complained about him wearing the shirts at the Planet Fitness in Orange City, he was told to change or leave.

    "She told me, 'I am very sorry. We have someone who is not happy with your shirt. Someone is offended by your shirt,'" said Amoroso. "I said, 'You know I wear them all the time.' She said, 'You'll have to leave,' and I left."

    Amoroso believed the issue wasn't what his shirt said, but how the message was delivered. So the following day, he wore a "softer" anti-abortion shirt, which was also too offensive.

    "Do you understand why people are offended?" asked reporter Shannon Butler.

    "Yes. Yes, I do," said Amoroso.

    But for Amoroso, it's about freedom of speech. He said he has nothing against women who chose abortion, but one day would like to see an end to abortions. He added that he's upset the shirts offended someone, but said at least it's starting a conversation about the topic.

    "This doesn't deter you even though people are offended from wearing these?" asked Butler.

    "No, I might wear them more," said Amoroso.

    Eyewitness News reached out to Planet Fitness management about the issue but has not received a response.

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