• Man tosses ax through back window of car after dispute in Daytona Beach


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla - Daytona Beach police said Friday around noon four teens were in a car driving along South Williamson Boulevard heading to the flea market when they were confronted by another driver.

    According to a report, when the teens pulled up to the intersection of South Williamson Boulevard and Beville Road, the man pulled up next to them, got out of his car, approached the teens and opened the passenger-side door.

    The teens claim the man began yelling at them about a racial remark the teens were alleged to have made towards the man. The teens told officers the man then said, “I just did 15 years in prison, you want a pistol in your mouth?”

    One of the victims in the car urged the driver to drive away. When they did, the man grabbed an ax from his vehicle and threw it through the rear window of the car, the teens told police.

    When officers arrived they were unable to locate the man in the area.

    Two teens in the back of the victim’s car were treated for cuts.

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