Marion Co. deputies involved in fatal shooting reassigned



MARION COUNTY, Fla. - Two Marion County deputies, involved in a fatal shooting caught on a dashcam video, have been reassigned.

Deputies Lauren Miley and Norman Brown were trying to arrest Joshua Salvato, 21, in July when he became violent and Miley shot and killed him.

A camera in Brown’s patrol car was rolling as he arrived on Sunset Harbor Road in Summerfield to assist Miley.

She had just detained Salvato after witnesses told them he was stepping into traffic and yelling at cars.

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In the video, it appears he surrendered as the deputies cuffed him, but then a fight broke out. Brown was knocked to the ground and Miley pulled her gun and shot Salvato, who was off-camera.

Then Brown stunned Salvato with a Taser, not realizing he'd been shot.

In a five-page report, a sheriff's office committee said Brown and Miley needed an opportunity to sufficiently recover within a structured work environment.

They were reassigned to the county jail.

The committee recommended the department implement a checklist for tactical handcuffing and searching in dangerous situations. It also recommended more training for less experienced deputies.

WFTV found out Brown and Miley had more training than the state requires.

The case was given to a grand jury, who studied the dash camera video, but decided Salvato's death didn't justify criminal charges against the deputies.