• Man arrested on charges of stealing woman's driveway in Marion County


    REDDICK, Fla. - A man was arrested on charges of stealing a woman's driveway, WFTV found out Friday.

    Rachel McCarty said someone took 200 paving bricks from her home on 120th Street in Reddick.

    Deputies said a neighbor saw two men load a flatbed trailer, but thought the homeowner had hired them to fix the worn driveway.

    "I came home and part of my driveway was gone," said McCarty. "People will steal anything."

    The two men returned Thursday night and started taking more of the paving bricks, but this time, the neighbor called deputies.

    Marion County deputies said they arrested Anthony Jones, 49, in connection with the second incident.

    At this time, police did not say if Jones was identified as one of the men from the earlier theft.

    WFTV is working to find out whether the alleged accomplice was arrested.

    Most of the 300 square feet of driveway that McCarty's husband built is gone.

    McCarty said the men ruined a perfectly good driveway, and she still can't believe it.

    "I was in shock for quite a while. It's not what you expect to come home and find stolen. Maybe the gate or mailbox," said McCarty.

    McCarty said the paving bricks were 5 years old and cost $1.50 each.

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