Marion deputies close murder case after victim's son commits suicide



MARION COUNTY, Fla. - Marion County investigators believe they've solved a murder mystery.

Friday, they closed the case of Carolyn Wagner after her son, the only suspect, committed suicide.

Investigators said they believe he killed his mother.

Carolyn Wagner, 64, was shot dead inside her home in December 2012.

"To have it two doors down, it's been very upsetting very sad all around, just a tragedy," said neighbor Alicia Gilligan.

Neighbors said the only reason they checked on her at the time is, because her mail was piling up in the driveway and the garage door was left open.

Now, those neighbors are finding out the victim's son, 32-year-old John Wagner, killed himself just before investigators could arrest him in connection with her death.

"It's just the worst-case scenario. You can't imagine it being any worse than to know that it was her only son," said Gilligan.

Officials said money was Wagner's motive.

"The gentlemen did have some financial issues, and he was the only child and would have access to the family's inheritance in his mother's passing," said Ryan Robbins of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

The suspect's father, Roger Wagner, fell to his death during a hiking trip with his son at Mt. Ranier in September 2011.

Channel 9 reporter Karla Ray asked investigators whether John could have been responsible for his father's death as well.

"That'll need to be revisited through that agency," said Robbins. "It cannot be eliminated as an option."