Melbourne home invader shot by owner



MELBOURNE, Fla. - A home invader in Melbourne was shot while breaking into a home on Pepper Avenue, investigators said Thursday.

Melbourne police said as many as four people were breaking into the home, but did not expect the homeowner to open fire on them.

Officers said the home invaders fled the scene.

A neighbor said she thought the gunshots were fireworks.

Police said Leonard Valentine was arrested after he dropped the shot man off at Holmes Regional Medical Center.  Bobby Culler had a gunshot wound to the arm, police said.

So far, Culler was only charged for an active warrant, but more charges are pending, officers said.

“I don't know what their intentions were; obviously it wasn't good. They were entering a home that they had no business being in they were armed with firearms,” Sgt. Sheridan Shelley with Melbourne Police said.

Police said the homeowner's dog was injured, but no one else was hurt.