• Melbourne police officer allegedly asks for women's phone numbers while on duty


    MELBOURNE, Fla. - A Melbourne police officer resigned after investigators said dash cam video showed he asked three women for their personal information after conducting a traffic stop in February.

    Police said Rey Munoz’s actions violated department policy, which says personnel shall conduct themselves during duty and off-duty in such a manner to reflect favorably on the department.

    WFTV learned Munoz was warned back in December that approaching woman on duty for personal information, like their phone numbers, violated policy.

    “He was counseled on this and explained how important his conduct is. Then two months later there was a second complaint,” said Sgt. Sheridan Shelley with the Melbourne police department.

    The police chief was then warned about Munoz, who was still on his probationary period with the department.

    “The situation came up, it was dealt with swiftly and this person is no longer employed with the department,” Shelley said.

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