• 2 accused of stealing fatal shooting victims' Xbox day after home invasion


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County man who was shot during a home invasion is in critical condition, Channel 9 has learned.

    That man told deputies that he and Joseph Holness, 21, were playing video games inside their Hope Spring Circle home when three men burst in and started shooting.

    The victim that survived described to deputies a hail of bullets without warning. He said he was able to run to another room in the house after being shot twice, but Holness died of gunshot wounds.

    Authorities said Holness was able to escape the home, but was found dead on Murray Drive near Washington Street.

    The surviving victim, whose name was not released, had surgery at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

    "(He) took a couple shots and went to the hospital. He didn't get killed, but he got a couple shots," said Daniele Taschner, the victim's friend.

    Unrelated to the home invasion and shooting, sheriff's deputies arrested two people on Wednesday accused of entering the crime scene and stealing the victims' TV and Xbox.

    Their names were not released.

    "I don't know why they would go in there," said Kayla Quigley, a friend of the victims. "I don't know if they're jealous of him because he's got something maybe they don't have."

    Quigley and other friends are infuriated to learn the victims had been victimized again.

    Sheriff's deputies quickly tracked down possible suspects and Channel 9's Mark Joyella was there when arrests were made.  You can watch the raw video of the arrests by clicking here.

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