Men rescue war vet who fell out of wheelchair into water


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A double amputee war veteran is recovering at home after nearly drowning over the weekend near St. Petersburg.

The three men who helped save him said they're no heroes.

Robert Lunay, 79, was sitting by a pond in Lealman when he slipped out of his wheelchair and into the water.

Lunay screamed for help, and that's when three men jumped into action.

"I thought about them alligators they said was in the water, but I didn't care. He's a veteran. I respect him," said a rescuer, who did not give his name.

One of the men who was inside the Disabled Veteran's Hall said he heard Lunay's cries. He didn't know how to swim, but still ran to see if he could help.

Lunay was not seriously hurt.