• Mishandling of funds at Cape Canaveral Friday Fest parties could result in charges


    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - The city of Cape Canaveral released pages of emails surrounding controversy that involves the city's popular Friday Fest street parties.

    The emails surround the handling of money for the event and ultimately the resignation of Robert LeFever, the city's former leisure services director. 

    Shortly after LeFever's resignation last month, the city manager emailed council members, saying, “There has been an ongoing investigation of the handling of moneys in general and Friday Fest monies in particular." 

    The letter went on to say, “More than likely, felony charges would be filed."

    On Thursday, city officials said the Brevard County Sheriff's Office is conducting a criminal investigation related to the handling of city fund and that they were not able to discuss any details.

    So far, the investigation has not resulted in any charges.

    Cape Canaveral is currently reviewing applications for the leisure services director.

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