Mom accused of helping daughter beat up another student bonds out of jail



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - An Orange County mother accused of storming into a middle school cafeteria and helping her child beat up another student has bonded out of jail.

Deputies said the fight broke out Tuesday when 29-year-old Leslie Thomas teamed up with her 12-year-old daughter at Lockhart Middle School.

Both mother and daughter were arrested, and the mother was charged with battery, child abuse and other charges for entering the school without permission and provoking the fight.

The alleged victim said this all started because of bullying, and the attack came without warning.

“All of the sudden I saw a big crowd coming into the cafeteria,” said Jahmiyah Smith. "The girl just called me the 'B' word and then I turned around and she hit me from the back."

The principal told WFTV to leave the campus when crews tried to ask about a bullying problem at the school.

Thomas' daughter was also arrested, but details of the charges have not been released because she is a minor.

The school board said it has a zero-tolerance policy against bullying.