Mom arrested, accused of attacking girls at bus stop



DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Linkeitha Bush is facing two charges of child abuse after investigators said she shoved two girls, and punched one of them. The girls are ages 11 and 13.

According to investigators, Bush, 28, attacked the girls because they got into a fight with her daughter on a Volusia County school bus.

"Kids going to be kids, you know, so grownups should be grownups," said one parent.

Bush was arrested earlier this week after one of the girls' mothers went to police.

It started last week with the fight on the bus between Bush's daughter and two other girls.

According to police, after Bush picked her daughter up from her bus stop she followed the bus to North Street and Berkshire Drive.

Police said she waited for the girls to get off the bus and then confronted them, with her two daughters.

Friday, as children left Campbell Middle School, some parents who found out about what happened say they would have handled it much differently.

"I would go to the parents if my child got a problem with another child; you know what I'm saying," said a parent.

According to a police report, Bush shoved both girls and punched the 13-year-old in the face with a closed fist.

One student recorded the entire incident on her cellphone.

According to police, the video shows Bush running over the 13-year-old's backpack. Police have not released the video.

Bush is facing two counts of child abuse. She was jailed on $3,000 bond, but has bonded out.