• Mom, daughter in different rooms call 911 after gunmen break down door


    DELTONA, Fla. - WFTV obtained 911 calls that were released Wednesday in a Deltona home invasion on Providence Boulevard.

    A Volusia County mother called for help when three masked gunmen kicked in the door of her home Tuesday morning, authorities said.

    The woman was on one side of the house while her 15-year-old daughter was on the other.

    Mother: "They have guns in their hands and I have a gun too.  But my baby's over there and I don't want them to shoot my baby," the woman said.

    The victim said she had a .9 mm handgun, and she was hiding with her boyfriend in the master bedroom.

    The daughter also called 911, tearfully telling the operator, "I'm in the back room. All I can hear is the alarm going off."

    Investigators said the intruders ran off when the mother shouted that she had a gun.

    Authorities didn't say what the suspects might have been after or whether they knew their victims.

    No one was injured.

    Authorities said the suspects were not found.

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