• Mom seeks disciplinary action against teacher for allegedly humiliating student


    POLK COUNTY, Fla.,None - A parent in Lakeland is calling for disciplinary action against a teacher for humiliating a student.

    The alleged incident happened this week at Sleepy Hill Middle School after Thomas Cancellare missed his FCAT writing test last week.

    Thomas had a doctor's note to prove he was sick, but his teacher put a note around his neck about him missing the test.

    The principal took the sign off when she saw students laughing at him during lunch.

    "She just made me feel like I'm worthless," said Thomas.

    "There is a zero tolerance policy for a student to bully each other. Well how is there no tolerance that they allow a teacher to bully a student?" said Thomas' mother Daphne Cancellare.

    Thomas' teacher did write him a letter of apology and he has been transferred to a new classroom.

    But his mother wants the teacher involved to be formally disciplined.

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