• Hundreds of beachgoers treated for jellyfish stings in Volusia


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - More than people were stung by jellyfish in Volusia County Saturday.

    “They were all over and all in multiple sizes,” said beachgoer Michelle Craycraft.

    Officials said about 257 people were treated for stings in Daytona Beach on Saturday and 184 swimmers were treated for stings in New Smyrna Beach on Sunday.

    Craycraft said she was relieved none of her three grandchildren were stung after she found the youngest holding a small jellyfish in his hand.

    “I didn’t know what it was. I started looking at it and it was just really bizarre looking. Then it started to move,” Craycraft said.

    Beach safety officials said they aren’t typical-looking jellyfish.

    “They’re clear except for one little spot of color in the middle,” said Capt. Ray Manchester, with Volusia County Beach Safety.

    Officials are still trying to identify the tiny species. Beachgoer Crystal Eaves posted a picture of one of the jellyfish after getting stung along Daytona Beach.

    That’s where Winnie Kuna, visiting from Pittsburgh, said her daughter also walked into a swarm.

    “She got stung, and like, 12 welts popped up across her leg. We were all out of there real quick,” Kuna.

    The coast was clear on Sunday but lifeguards were still ready to help any swimmers.

    “They have some vinegar that they can put on there, which helps get through the pain a little faster,” Manchester said.

    Beach safety officials said with some big surf moving in from Tropical Storm Cristobal into Monday, it may create conditions that will send more jellyfish to the shore.

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