• More trouble for Agape Christian Academy as teacher claims she wasn't paid


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A private Christian school plagued with problems now says it hasn't paid all of its teachers for part of last school year.

    Earlier this year, 9 Investigates uncovered Agape Christian Academy in Pine Hills didn't have a working fire alarm.

    Channel 9's Ty Russell found out that issue may be part of the reason teachers have not been paid, but an administrator would not say when they will get their money.

    Teachers came to Channel 9 for help.

    Latonya Thomas, the former director of Agape's preschool, says she's owed $5,000.

    Thomas said she needs the money to help take care of her seven children.

    "I feel hurt, misused and mistreated," she said.

    One administrator, who was not identified, confirmed there are teachers who have not been paid.

    She says losing state grant money is the reason.

    Earlier this year, 9 Investigates uncovered the school didn't have a working fire alarm.

    But in May, the state accused the school of forging documents that claimed the fire alarm was working.

    The school won't say how many teachers are owed money and when they'll be paid. 

    Russell also found out the state and county has not received any money from the violations over not having a working fire alarm.



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