NBA City bar, restaurant coming to Amway Center; Orlando Magic considers entertainment complex



ORLANDO, Fla. - WFTV was in downtown Orlando on Tuesday when officials broke ground on a new restaurant at the Amway Center.

The Orlando Magic has always helped drive business downtown. That's why there are plans for a $100 million entertainment complex next to Amway.

A spokesman for the Magic said they're still studying the idea and Dwight Howard leaving will not have an impact on the decision.

Meanwhile, a new restaurant is set to open in October, just on time for the first pre-season Magic game.

The Amway Center introduced the new basketball-themed restaurant and club NBA City. It will be 4,000-square-feet with indoor and outdoor dining on event days.

"Do you have concerns about this place being successful without Dwight Howard?" WFTV's Jeff Deal asked.

"I don't think so. The Magic organization is a high quality organization," replied Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

But there could be even bigger plans in the works. Last year, the Orlando Magic launched a study to consider putting in a $100 million entertainment complex across the street from the Amway Center.

It would mean tearing down the building and parking garage that's now there.

Business owners working directly across from the Amway Center said they have recently seen surveyors working all around the building.

A Magic spokesman said they're still studying the idea, and insisted Howard's departure to Los Angeles will have no impact on the plans.

Dyer said he's optimistic it's going to happen.

Business owners at nearby Church Street Station think the entertainment complex is coming too, and will likely help them.

"As long as it draws people downtown, it's going to be great for everybody," said Mike Rogier of Hamburger Mary's Bar and Grille.

The business already here said they would have to move and they expect the Magic to make a proposal on the project next month, which would be a year from when the study started.

The Magic said it doesn't have a timeline on a decision.