New 408-417 Expy. ramp opens in Orange Co.



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A ramp that opened over the weekend on the 408 Expressway toward the 417 Expressway in Orange County will have its first real test as thousands of drivers hit the roads Monday morning.

From now on, drivers who want to go south on the 417 Expressway will have to exit sooner.

Now, all drivers traveling from downtown Orlando will be directed to stay in the right lanes to access the 417 Expressway.

Once on the ramp, drivers heading north toward the University of Central Florida will have to stay in the left lane, and drivers traveling south on the 417 Expressway toward the Beachline and the attractions will have to stay in the right lane.

"It will make it easier for traffic," said Brian Hutchings of the Expressway Authority.

There's still bound to be some initial confusion. Over the weekend, a car crashed into the barrels blocking the old 417 Expressway southbound exit.

Drivers who miss the new ramp can exit at Dean Road and head westbound to try again.