Reality Check: New ad slams Scott as 'jobs governor'



ORLANDO, Fla. - Gov. Rick Scott is campaigning based on his ability to bring jobs to Florida but a new web ad questions his track record, claiming Scott's jobs plan isn't working.

Channel 9's Vanessa Welch watched the ad with WFTV political analyst Rick Foglesong, who weighed in on it.

Scott boasts about creating new jobs, but the new ad by the Florida Democratic Party uses newspaper headlines to tell a different story. The articles highlight layoffs and business that have closed.

"Overall, it's truthful, yes," said Foglesong. "There have been meager results of the jobs initiative undertaken by Gov. Rick Scott."

While Foglesong said Scott has done a good job creating the perception that he's the "jobs governor, Foglesong said the numbers don't back up all of the governor's claims.

Scott pledged $266 million in tax breaks and incentives in return for 45,258 new jobs, but Foglesong said "96 percent of those have yet to materialize."

Foglesong gives the ad an A for accuracy but a C for effectiveness.

"It bombards the viewer with too much information they can't absorb," he said.

Foglesong said if Democrats really want to make the point, they need a more direct approach.

"Charlie Crist now has to say how he could and would do it better," said Foglesong. "What is his plan to bring jobs to Florida?"

The Scott campaign said the governor has helped put 620,000 Floridians back to work and pointed out the rundown factory that was previewed in the ad, saying it was in Detroit, not Florida.