New allegations against OPD cop arrested on domestic violence charges


ORLANDO, Fla. - There were new allegations against the Orlando Police officer arrested on domestic violence charges.

A new injunction was filed against Danny Sidders Wednesday, just two days after he bonded out of jail.

The injunction request was filed by the former brother-in-law of Sidders' girlfriend, who was arrested for battering her twice this year.

In court documents, he said he feared for the safety of his children who spent time with Sidders.
He also said he's seen the black eyes, rosy cheeks and the bruises left on Sidders' girlfriend and expressed concern the kids may be hurt.

Despite the request, the judged denied the injunction.

WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said, "People often think it's easy to obtain these domestic violence injunctions. It is not."

Sidders has already been accused of domestic violence by his girlfriend and his two ex-wives. But because that violence wasn't targeted against the children, Sheaffer said the judge had no choice but to deny the injunction.

"The bottom line is you just can't seek proactive relief. You just can't say that 'I'm in fear that something may happen.' Something has to have happened before you're entitled to this injunctive relief," Sheaffer said.

Sidders can't have contact with his ex-girlfriend or go to her ZIP code. His every move is being monitored by a GPS bracelet.

He is on administrative leave from the Orlando Police Department, pending the outcome of an internal investigation.