• New aviation school could pump millions into Kissimmee-area economy


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - A new business is coming to Kissimmee and city leaders told Channel 9's Tim Barber that it could pump millions into central Florida's economy.
    Kissimmee's Gateway Airport includes more than 100 acres of aviation and industrial property. A chunk of that land has just been spoken for.  But some of it was just gobbled up.
    City leaders just announced the Fort Pierce-based Aviator College is building a school on the airport property.
    College President Michael Cohen said it is slated to open next year.
    "Why did you guys decide to come here to central Florida?" Barber asked Cohen.
    "Well, we needed a central location that had an international airport," said Cohen.
    Cohen said the international airport is a necessity because the school's students come from all around the world.
    Barber also learned that the company is getting $400,000 in economic incentives.
    The campus will have one- and two-year programs to teach aspiring aircraft mechanics.
    Cohen said it's the school also create 60 jobs and help produce $7 million in economic revenue.
    "We've done a good job down there in Ft. Pierce and these students that come in, they spend a lot on their housing and their food," said Cohen.
    Cohen said school officials are also looking to expand in the next few years.

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