• New device allows you to watch TV on your phone, tablets without Wi-Fi


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A new, small device will now will turn your smart phone or iPad into a live television broadcast receiver, allowing you to watch programs like Eyewitness News anywhere you want.

    And as Channel 9's Steve Barrett reports, it may just keep you safe during an emergency.

    The device is called Dyle Mobile TV and it's perfect for people like Huey Poplock, a self-described news nut.

    "I'm a news freak, and I like to watch the news a lot," Poplock said.

    With Dyle Mobile TV, Poplock can get his WFTV fix delivered to his phone or tablet, even if the electricity goes out.

    It's like the emergency radio of the past, but with live video pulled right from the airwaves.

    "One of the key benefits for consumers is it doesn't require 3G or 4G or Wi-Fi or streaming. It runs on the broadcast spectrum. So it's like the old fashioned bunny ears," said Dan Bethlahmy of Dyle.

    The Dyle Mobile TV receiver is already available for less than $100, along with the free downloadable app.

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