New focus on year-old cold case



CASSELBERRY, Fla. - Casselberry Police launched a renewed effort to find the killer in a year-old murder.

Police said Steven Jones was found shot to death in front of his house on Carlisle Drive last November.

"I mean it kind of creeps you out knowing that it's right there at the end of the street," said the victim's neighbor Celeste Smith.

His girlfriend heard the shooting, called 911 and found Jones in a pool of blood.

He was shot in the stomach and died at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Now, Crimeline is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

Norman Forsythe was Jones' friend and he said he can't think of anyone who would have done something so violent.

"I hope they can get him, because none of us are safe on this street," Forsythe said.

People in the neighborhood, who ran out after the gunfire, said they saw a tan sedan speed off, but so far the information has not led investigators to any suspects.

Joanne Smith said she hopes the new focus will turn up something so police can catch Jones' killer.

"If he killed somebody he deserves to be, you know, taken to trial definitely," Smith said.