New rules appear to relieve school traffic congestion



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Overcrowding at Sunset Park Elementary means a traffic mess at dismissal time.

Deputies said the long line of cars blocks intersections and puts families in danger.

Deputies were prepared to write $115 tickets but said they didn't have to issue a single one.

"It's been crazy, and the traffic horrendous," grandparent Connie Ibrahim said. "The first two weeks of school was horrible."

Parents said the once nightmare outside Sunset Park Elementary appears to be, at least for now, gone overnight.

For weeks, Channel 9 has been monitoring the problems.

The school is over capacity and at dismissal time the long line of parents picking up their kids has swallowed Overstreet Road, which is the only way in and out of the school.

The congestion has even blocked intersections and crosswalks

The Sheriff's Office rolled out a new plan, first warning parents not to arrive before dismissal to wait. Those who do will be forced off Overstreet and onto North State Road 535.

"Today, because this plan started this morning, is the slowest I've ever seen it," said parent Leann Flynn.

No backups, no traffic and the Sheriff's Office said no problems.

Everyone is hoping it stays the way.

The Sheriff's Office said deputies will be out there all week long to make sure things continue to go smoothly.