Newly-elected Volusia Co. leader pushes to reduce gas tax



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Volusia County residents pay the highest gas tax in Central Florida, by WFTV discovered the new county council chairman is working on a plan to reduce it.

The gas tax in Volusia County is 12 cents per gallon -- double the six cents Orange County residents pay.

"Our fuel tax is one of the highest in the state. A matter of fact, we've maxed out all we can max out. It's a discretionary tax," said Volusia County Council Chairman Jason Davis.

Davis said he wants to reduce the tax, which is five cents higher that Seminole County and six cents higher than Orange County.

"If you want your business to succeed, you don't ever charge more than what your neighbor is charging. You've got to be competitive," Davis said.

But County Administrators said the tax is crucial funding for the county's road program.

According to the county's website, it will bring in about $21 million to the county for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. Davis believes the county could find the money elsewhere by cutting spending and correcting inefficiencies.

"We've got to look at proper money management, we've got to look at proper personnel management; you know and more efficiency in government," said Davis.

To reduce the gas tax by five cents, it would require a supermajority with five votes.

Jason Davis will officially take over as the Volusia County Council chair in January.