No bond for Oviedo mother accused of shooting, killing daughter



SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - The attorney for the Oviedo woman accused of shooting and killing her daughter Monday said the 44-year old has been tortured by mental illness for 20 years.
On Friday afternoon, prosecutors and the attorney for Sujatha Guduru were in agreement with a judge's order denying the woman bond.
Brian Bieber, Guduru's attorney, said his client is in a state of shock following Monday's shooting.
Investigators said Guduru, 44, shot her 17-year-old daughter Chetana Guduru twice and then shot herself in the chest in an attempt to take her own life.
Sujatha Guduru was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center where she was treated before being released to corrections officials Wednesday evening.
The funeral service for Chetana Guduru was held Friday morning, shortly before her mother went before a judge.
"Miss Guduru is, as you could imagine, in a horrific state of shock at this point in time. This is a tragedy of epic proportions," said Bieber.
Bieber said the gunshot wound is not his client's only health issue.
He told Channel 9's Tim Barber that Sujatha Guduru has been seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication

Police said she denied having mental health issues earlier this month when she purchased the .38-caliber handgun she used to take her daughter’s life.

According to investigators, Guduru said she shot her daughter because she believed there would be no one to care for the girl once she had killed herself.

Guduru is charged with first-degree premeditated murder.  Investigators said they believe she had planned the shooting for several weeks.

Investigators said that on Monday she emailed her brother and told him of her plan to kill her daughter and then herself. When he arrived at the home he found that both women had been shot.
"She was clearly in a psychotic state, on a psychotic break, and rational decision making was not in the realm of possibility at that time," said Bieber.
Bieber said he is trying to determine how a woman with documented mental health issues was able to buy the gun she used in the shootings.