• No bond yet for OPD officer accused of domestic violence, weapon violation


    ORLANDO, Fla. - It's been six days, and jail officials are still trying to decide whether it's safe to allow an Orlando police officer charged with domestic violence to bond out of jail.

    Danny Sidders was arrested last week, accused of domestic violence but before he bonded out, authorities said he was caught asking a fellow cop to hide a gun he wasn't supposed to have.

    Three months ago, a judge's order banned Sidders from having a weapon when he was off-duty after an ex-wife said Sidders threatened to "bury" her and her mother.

    A police report shows that on Tuesday night, after his arrest, Sidders called fellow officer Matt Deem and asked him to remove a gun and ammunition from Sidders' apartment, before the home confinement inspection.

    WFTV's Kathi Belich learned that Deem went to Sidders' apartment, got the gun and turned it over to Orlando police and reported Sidders' request.

    Sidders is now facing a felony charge for evidence tampering, as well as misdemeanor charges for domestic violence and violating a court injunction.

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said he expects the gun issue to lead to a tighter rein on Sidders if he bonds out, such as GPS monitoring.

    “If he's released on bond, it needs to be a higher monetary bond, and there needs to be very restrictive conditions of release to ensure the safety of the citizens of this community,” said Sheaffer.

    Sidders is on paid leave, but he is still an Orlando police officer.

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