• Oak Ridge High scrambles to replace stolen football gear


    Thieves made off with $67,000 worth of football gear from Oak Ridge High School leaving players to train with almost no equipment.
    Despite high heat and oppressive humidity, Oak Ridge High School players are still giving it their all on the field as they prepare for the fall football season.
    On Tuesday they weren't running drills and they weren't in uniforms. The team worked out in safety pads.
    In the off-season, while the football field was being refurbished, someone took thousands of dollars' worth of football equipment from a storage trailer.
    At the beginning of the season the football players were out of pads, helmets and even uniforms.
    Coaches said they were so lacking in equipment that linemen were using trashcans as tackling dummies in practice.
    "We didn't have any at the start of season so we came together for the lineman used the trashcans so they could get a visual for game time," said football player Anthony Miranda
    Some of the missing gear has been replaced and one donor gave the team 100 sets of shoulder pads, but they are still in need.
    "It's really tragic. Who would steal our equipment? I don't get it," said football player Tyree Jackson.
    A GoFundMe page has been set up in an attempt to raise close to $10,000 dollars. That money will be used to buy 50 pairs of cleats, a five-man blocking sled and more. The effort has brought in $2,000 in the last 10 days.
    People who are giving money through the website are also offering words of encouragement. One donor wrote "Best wishes for success and good job guys, we can do this."
    By August they hope to be once again outfitted to win.
    "I think it's good they want to help us. It will help us become one," said Miranda.
    The team has been using hand-me-downs from other schools to get by.
    The team's coach said he gave $4,000 of his own money to replace some of the stuff that was stolen.

    How to Help: Replace Oak Ridge Stolen Football Equip

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