Ocala dentist accused of injuring child patients



OCALA, Fla. - Ocala dentist Dr. Michael Tarver had his license suspended by the state after a series of troubling complaints about injuries to his pediatric patients.

Without any knowledge that the office was closed, patients of the dentist and parents showed up throughout the day.

Police reports that date back to last year show Tarver been practicing with his wife since 2009 without ever being disciplined by the state, but that all changed in the past week.

At Polliwog Dental in Ocala, evidence of outrage is spray painted on its sign in front.

In the parking lot, parents and their kids showed up for appointments but a sign on the door said they are closed. Then they were shocked to hear state health officials suspended Tarver's medical license.

The dentist has been drilled with multiple complaints to the Ocala Police Department.

However, despite allegations of abusing and injuring pediatric patients for the past year, the 33-year-old has never been criminally charged.

"We haven't been able to put something in there that's of a criminal nature. That doesn't mean as a parent you don't think it's improper," said Angy Scroble, Deptartment of Health.

Parents who drove two hours for an appointment on Monday said they will not be back.

"If he's going to put his hands on kids then he needs his license pulled. My kid won't come here," said Casey Bailey.

The Department of Health said it took strong action because Dr. Tarver "violated patients trust," and its report said it is "likely to happen again."

Still Dr. Tarver's supporters remained positive.

"People need to know him before they judge him," said Denise Price.

The sign on the office says they expect to reopen in the near future.