• Ocala officer off the job after allegations he stole woman's prescription pills


    OCALA, Fla. - An Ocala police officer who was called to a woman's home after she was robbed is accused of stealing prescription pills from her.

    Breasia Denyel said she was gratefully when she got the news that Officer Robert Cashner was recently fired for allegedly stealing some of her oxycodone pills.

    "I'm actually in shock, because I really didn’t think that they would even do anything, it being one of their own," she told Channel 9.

    Denyel’s former friend stole clothes, food and some of her meds back in March, so she reported the crime to police. Denyel said she forgot some items and called police to report them, which is when Cashner showed up at her home.

    Denyel said Cashner asked her about the stolen medication and had her show him what was left. She said he then told her he forgot his note pad in his patrol car and needed to take the bottle outside to his car to log it.

    "I gave it to him, and I watched him walk out the door," she said.

    Cashney brought the pills back and Denyel said she put them away. Later that night, she said she discovered some of the pills were missing, so she reported it to Ocala investigators.

    Cashney was never charged, but the report found enough evidence to suggest he committed the theft.

    "The panel determined while there was insufficient probable cause to criminally charge Officer Cashner with theft, the preponderance of evidence is sufficient to believe he did steal it," the report said.

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