• Ocala police hand out cash instead of tickets

    By: Myrt Price


    OCALA, Fla. - Police in Ocala have been on a mission to build relationships with drivers in the community.


    The Ocala Police Department said an anonymous person donated $4,200 to the department.


    Over the past couple of weeks, officers were given the money and told to go out and spread the holiday cheer.



    Instead of handing out tickets, the officers handed out cash.


    Drivers were pleasantly surprised.


    “Oh, are you serious? God is good, all the time,” said one driver.


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    The driver had no idea what was going on when an Ocala officer recently stopped her and handed her $100.


    Police gave out money all over town as part of the department’s Secret Santa program.


    Officers said the program helps them connect with the community while spreading some holiday cheer.

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