Police: Apopka officer recovering after shoplifter hit him with car during getaway



APOPKA, Fla. - Police said a suspected shoplifter in Apopka crashed along a busy road after she hit an officer with her car and drove away.

After the crash, witnesses said Berinthia Williams, 29, took off running, but police were eventually able to take her down with a Taser.

Police said they received a call from a Marshalls store on State Road 436 because Williams was a known shoplifter.

Cpl. Kenny Kaiser tried to pull her over in the parking lot, but police said when he got out of his car, Williams tried to flee and ended up striking him.

"At one point, she put the vehicle in reverse and drove the vehicle up onto the sidewalk with pedestrians on it," said Sgt. Kim Walsh.

Williams reportedly made it to Alabama Avenue, where witnesses said she tried to turn and struck another car in the process.

"I didn't really see much from this side because as soon as she hit me, airbags (went off)," said Fernando Rodriguez, who was in the other car. "I saw the cops chasing her. She jumped out. I don't know why she jumped. She was hurt apparently."

"Citizens around that were watching this occur were just telling the driver, 'Shut the vehicle off. You're going to hurt... just shut the vehicle off,'" said Walsh.

Kaiser is recovering at his home.

Williams was hospitalized after her arrest, but she has since been sent to jail.

Police said she has dozens of arrests on her record, including charges of grand theft, assault with a motor vehicle and fleeing and eluding officers, for which she served two months in jail last year.