• Once-missing boater questioned by New Smyrna Beach police


    NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. - A boater who was the subject of an intense search-and-rescue effort, and presumed lost, spent time with police on Friday.

    Enrique Bernardo Hernandez returned home after hours of police questioning Friday.

    The once-missing boater, walked out of the New Smyrna Beach Police Department with a dazed look on his face. He said only two words as he walked from the police department, "Nada, nothing."

    Hernandez spent time talking to police about his disappearance last month while boating.

    He was reported missing after he didn't return from a fishing trip at New Smyrna beach Feb. 6.

    For several days the Coast Guard, with the help of other agencies, searched unsuccessfully for Hernandez and his boat.

    On Monday, Hernandez reported that he was alive and well.

    Police won't say what Hernandez told them, or where he's been this entire time.

    Although Hernandez has not been charged with a crime, police and the Coast Guard are continuing their investigations.

    According to neighbors, Hernandez's family presumed he was dead.

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